Dr. Oz on Resveratrol

Dr. Oz has a strong reputation and is a highly respected physician who made claims regarding the many virtues of resveratrol. He seems to have a common sense idea in regards to this anti-aging supplement. Dr. Oz is a good and credible source.

Resveratrol Proves to be a Popular Topic
Since Dr. Oz appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show, the Resveratrol subject and discussions have proven to be very popular. Resveratrol has been likened to the having the same positive effects that drinking red wine may also offer. This is a popular subject because there is so much excitement surrounding the many benefits that it will provide. It is popular also because Resveratrol offers so many positive health benefits to those who consume it.

Resveratrol and a Longer Life
In June, 2012, Dr. Oz named Resveratrol as one of the four supplements that can lead to a longer life when taken. He stated that you would actually have the ability to protect your heart with the assistance of Resveratrol. Your health could also be protected from the negative effects of inflammation with the assistance of this supplement too. Dr. Oz stated that studies have shown that taking one 500 mg. capsule of Resveratrol a day will assist individuals in maintaining a healthy and strong heart.

Japanese Knotweed
The supplement Resveratrol is found in certain plants. This compound can be found in Japanese knotweed. This can also be found in many other items. This includes:
*grape skins

A Recommended Supplement
Dr. Oz has recommended Resveratrol for the many anti-aging benefits that it will provide. The natural plant products offer many proteins that will actually assist in providing the ability to live longer. The nutrients provided will increase life longevity. This is a highly recommended supplement that will add many benefits to your life.

Inhibits the Growth of Cancer Cells
In studies of animals, Resveratrol has been known to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. These studies that have shown to inhibit the cancer cells have pointed to the natural items that have been found in Resveratrol.

Prevention of Dementia
Resveratrol has been known to prevent dementia. It has been known to energize cells. It improves blood flow to the brain. There is much evidence that will point to the fact that there is a possible prevention to dementia and even Alzheimer’s with the use of Resveratrol.

Resveratrol Always Appears Safe
Resveratrol comes from natural items. It always appears to be safe. When you choose to take a recommended daily dose, it would be a good idea to consult with your physician.

The French Culture and Resveratrol
The French culture has a low heart disease rate. They have been known to drink red wine. Resveratrol is a substance in red wine. This culture typically has been known to have diets that are high in saturated fats. This culture also has been known to smoke cigarettes too. The explanations for their low heart rate is the Resveratrol in the wine that is consumed in this culture. Dr. Oz stated that the scientific studies that have been done have pointed to Resveratrol as the contributor to the French culture’s good health and heart rates.

Resveratrol and Stress
Dr. Oz has also made claims that Resveratrol has been known to be a stress reducer for many people. It has been an antioxidant that offers a natural stress reducer. It appears to be a natural stress resistant supplement. It seems to be a defense against stress.