Resveratrol for Weight Loss

One of the more potent antioxidants currently on the market, resveratrol is a natural phenol stilbenoid found in various plant species. It is a component of many fruit and vegetable skins, particularly grapes, and it is widely believed to be the major phenol responsible for the ability of grapes and wine to have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

The reason this compound exists is its ability to fight off infections. Plants use resveratrol to help in the healing of the fruit or vegetable skin when injury occurs due to the presence of bacterial agents or certain fungi species. Laboratory studies now suggest that the powerful antioxidant properties of resveratrol may also work as a metabolism booster, meaning that it can be incorporated into a successful weight loss program.

How Resveratrol Works
The most noticeable effect of resveratrol is its ability to increase metabolism. Those who take it in pill form generally experience positive results in less than three days. The digestive tract and the liver is where the majority of metabolism takes place. Resveratrol stimulates an enzyme group known as sirtuins. These enzymes are important compounds used in the process of DNA repair, growth and function of mitochondria within the cells, and the burning of fat.

Overall, the taking of phenols of this type increases the efficiency of how oxygen is used in cellular respiration, meaning that less energy and less aerobic chemical processes is needed by the body. The result is more efficient use of energy provided by nutrition, and along with this comes a feeling of satisfaction and fullness after eating.

For Weight Loss
One of the positive effects of taking resveratrol seems to be its ability to increase the amount of glucose absorbed from food and used by the body’s muscles. Some studies suggest that the end result of this mechanism is the building of muscle mass and the decrease in the amount of carbohydrates that become transformed into fat.

Because of an individual’s higher metabolic rate, he or she can exercise more frequently and undertake more strenuous exercise programs, and this can also help in the burning of excess fat. Most of the over-the-counter weight loss supplement products on the market claim to increase metabolism, but many of these are merely caffeine or caffeine-similar tablets that stimulate the nervous system without actually increasing metabolism. Resveratrol has been shown to aid in the burning of excess fat through its ability to direct simple sugars as energy sources for muscles and organ tissue rather than using the sugar as stored fat.

How To Take Resveratrol
Resveratrol is usually sold in bottles containing caplets or softgels. Each capsule is approximately 100 mg and contains natural, unblended resveratrol. Some products are labeled as blended or formulated compound, meaning that the actual amount of natural resveratrol may be less than what is included in the pure, unblended brands.

Consumers are encouraged to check the label and avoid products that contain additives such as sweeteners, gluten, lactose, or milk. Natural resveratrol is combined with gelatin and vegetable glycerin to form the gel capsules. Manufacturers of resveratrol softgels recommend taking one 100 mg capsule twice a day, preferably at mealtime.

Possible Side Effects
All laboratory studies performed have resulted in findings that support the idea of resveratrol being a simple, natural food product. No side effects are noticed when this product is taken. However, it is advisable for women who are pregnant to consult with a doctor prior to taking resveratrol. This is because the physician may want to account for any changes in the body’s metabolism during pregnancy.

Some medical research studies have been performed to test the theory that resveratrol may have anti-depressant properties. These studies are inconclusive. There is no indication that this product in any way has an adverse effect on heartbeat rhythm, something that is of concern to many who consider the use of any product intended to increase metabolism.